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Automotive Metal Buildings, Dealership Buildings, Service Buildings

Whether it be a maintenance garage or a car dealership, automotive related buildings provide an opportunity to show the enormous flexibility of metal building systems. Open sales and service areas, office space, eye-catching fascia systems surrounding a building with walls of decorative glass - these are all examples of the design ingenuity afforded by a Nucor metal building.
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Nucor Automotive Building
BMW Flemington
Builder: Iron Hill Construction Mgt. Co.
Location: Flemington, NJ
Size: 54,500 sf
NBS provided the structural steel, purlins and bar joist
for this incredibly beautiful BMW dealership. It is
enhanced by 8,000 sf of fascia and surrounding glass, and also includes a basement.
Automotive Building by Nucor
Toyota Durham
Location: Durham, NC
Size: 18,500 sf
A vehicle dealership and service garage. This Nucor metal building is surrounded by a combination of Nucor RC Panel™ and hardwall with a fascia system. This entire facility is single sloped.
Trucking company building by Nucor
Hornish Brothers Trucking
Builder: Spyker Contracting Inc.
Location: Defiance, OH
Size: 5,000 sf
Corporate office for a trucking company. Skewed parapet walls, masonry exterior, and full mezzanine. Nucor CFR™ system.
Automotive facility by Nucor
Cummins Northeast
Builder: Kulback's Construction, Inc.
Location: Cheektowaga, NY
Size: 29,000 sf
Motor vehicle service, parts, and sales facility. Two partial mezzanines. 5-ton top-running crane.
Automotive service metal building by NBS
Sandone Tire Car Care
Builder: Magnotta Construction Co., Inc.
Location: Taylor, PA
Size: 7,800 sf
A state-of-the-art automotive service building. Special bay spacing accommodates the glass show room. Painted Nucor CFR system.
Automotive related building by Nucor
Builder: Guy Hopkins Construction
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Size: 12,493 sf
A Nucor Metal Building car dealership complete with service garage. The parapet wall enhances the Nucor Classic Wall™ and hardwall exterior.
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