Metal Buildings – The Cost Effective Solution

Our flexibility allows your building’s design to be adapted to support your unique requirements while delivering a practical and cost effective building solution.

At Nucor Building Systems, we design and manufacture custom steel buildings for a wide variety of end-uses including commercial & retail, industrial, warehouse, community, agriculture and everything in between.

Inherently flexible in design, your steel building can be customized to meet your specific project requirements. And with our rendering & virtual reality technology, you can gain a life-like virtual experience of your building before it’s even manufactured.

NBS Custom Commercial Metal Buildings

Commercial & Retail Metal Buildings

When it comes to commercial and retail facilities, your building plays an important role in your operations and ability to achieve business strategies and goals. The complete flexibility offered by a Nucor metal building’s exterior appearance, together with efficient interior layouts, maximize usable space and provide a winning combination to add-value to your organization.


NBS Custom Steel Industrial Buildings

Manufacturing & Industrial Metal Buildings

We understand manufacturing facilities. A Nucor metal building can meet your unique operational needs – from height and clearance requirements, integration of cranes, dock spacing, flexibility of layout and workflow and many other functional considerations. Our buildings can get you going quickly to provide the best value and long-term return on investment.


NBS Custom Athletic Buildings

Recreational & Athletic Metal Buildings

Our clear span metal building systems provide the open playing conditions necessary for sports facilities, along with amenity space for lockers, child-care, lounge, food-service and other related requirements. Nucor buildings have been used for virtually every type of athletic complex including arenas, indoor football and soccer facilities, ice hockey, tennis, swimming and diving venues, equestrian events, track and field and many more uses.


NBS Metal Office Buildings

Office Metal Buildings

Metal office buildings are designed to provide efficient workspace while creating a favorable exterior impression — key goals in office building construction. Through ease of erection, on-site time and labor costs are minimized, yielding faster occupancy.

With the wide spans available in a Nucor building, your office can easily be designed to include enough space for offices, conference rooms, storage, and any other requirements. And with our renderings and virtual reality technology, you can experience a virtual, life-like version of your office space.


NBS Metal Warehouse Buildings

Warehouse, Distribution, Logistics Buildings

Warehouse and distribution buildings are a natural for Nucor Building Systems. You know your requirements: wide open spaces on the inside, attractive and low maintenance on the outside. And all must be at an affordable cost. Nucor buildings are available in practically any dimension your needs may require, and interior column spacings are adjustable.


NBS Steel Aviation Buildings

Aviation Metal Buildings

Nucor Building Systems offers clear spans in excess of 300′ for your aircraft hangar. Whether your needs include a large commercial hangar, a private hangar, or maintenance hangar, a custom Nucor building can accommodate your requirements. Multiple door systems, as well as mezzanines, maintenance, and office space can easily be incorporated into your custom steel building design.

Your Nucor Builder will provide you with a well designed, economical solution for your needs.


NBS Metal Agricultural Buildings

Agricultural Metal Buildings

With a Nucor metal building, your precious livestock and costly equipment are not just stored, they are protected. As a member of MBMA and CSSBI, with IAS AC472 accreditation, Nucor agricultural buildings and barns adhere to stringent specifications to ensure the high quality you need, giving you peace of mind and confidence for years to come.


NBS Metal Government Buildings

Government & Institutional Buildings

From community centers, fire stations,  institutional and public works buildings, Nucor has manufactured a  multitude of projects representing the vast range of government related facilities. We offer the ideal combination of practical and versatile metal buildings that are also cost-effective and designed for longevity to provide you with a facility requiring minimal maintenance and years of reliable service for your community.



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