Strategic Partnerships with NBS National Accounts

Our National Accounts team is focused on optimizing and efficiently servicing national companies with an ongoing need for new buildings situated over a broad geography. National Account customers benefit from our depth of resources and strategic relationships across various industries.

National Accounts with Nucor Building Systems

Program Accounts

Program Accounts are accounts who buy many buildings that are so close to the same description that Nucor’s design team, working closely with the customer, can develop prototype buildings that can then be delivered with predictable pricing, schedules and performance. Nucor’s outstanding ability to manage program logistics provides the key to success for Program Customers. These buildings tend to be small in size, many in number and geographically dispersed.

Project Accounts

Project Accounts are accounts who do many projects which are generally large and uniquely different from each other. The functionality of each project creates a need for custom design solutions made available through Nucor’s design teams. These projects can be as large as a million square feet in size.
Together with our Nucor Builders, we can provide you with a building solution that will be delivered on schedule and provide years of reliable service.

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