Energy Code Solutions for Metal Buildings

Energy regulations in steel building construction are becoming increasingly complex. At NBS, you have a dedicated team of energy experts equipped with the knowledge and tools to help you navigate this process.

ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC are the two most common energy codes used to outline minimum requirements for energy-efficient steel building construction. These two entities address energy conservation requirements for commercial and residential construction – including heating & ventilation, lighting, water heating, and power usage. However, many states are choosing to update their regulations and adhere to newer, more rigorous codes.

It’s important to check the local regulations and requirements before beginning a construction project – and that is where Nucor comes in. Our dedicated energy team is available to assist you through this process.

Energy Hotline  844.682.6724


Energy Code Solutions on the Nucor Toolbox App

NBS Toolbox App

Nucor Toolbox App & Dashboard – Exclusive to Authorized Builders

The Nucor Toolbox app and Builder Dashboard provide the latest energy code solutions available at your fingertips. Available only to Authorized Builders, these platforms provide an interactive energy code map with recent code update information, and are packed with many other useful tools.

Determine Your Compliance with COMcheck™

Using COMcheck can help you determine if you are compliant with your specific energy code as well as help you decide what needs to be changed in order to become compliant. And now, COMcheck is available through both the NBS Toolbox app and eQuote, our online estimating tool.


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