Why Build with Metal: The Benefits of Metal Building Systems


NBS Custom Commercial Metal Buildings

At Nucor Building Systems, every project is custom-designed to meet a customer’s unique needs. With virtually endless design possibilities, it is easy to see why metal building systems have become such a popular and cost efficient building solution among architects and building owners.

Custom Metal Building Systems vs. Conventional Construction

You can choose from a number of construction methods for your building project, so why build with steel? Dollar for dollar and pound for pound, steel is the strongest and most cost-efficient construction material available. Additionally, our metal building solutions utilize Nucor steel, which is 100% recyclable and made up of over 70% post-recycled content. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly options available on the market, too.

Our custom steel buildings offer clear advantages compared to conventional structures:

Cost Effectiveness

On average, our custom building systems cost less than conventional construction — often up to 30% less. This is due to our efficient design process, which utilizes Tekla BIM. In addition, our products and building systems are fabricated on-site in our ISA-accredited facilities, so you can be confident in their quality and code compliance.

Increased Longevity, Minimal Maintenance

Metal buildings are extremely durable, with a longer lifespan than wood structures. Steel is also resistant to corrosion, mold and termites.

Reduced Freight

With four full-service plants strategically located throughout the United States, we offer building solutions to customers nationwide.


Fast & Efficient

Faster Construction Time

Our steel building systems are designed by professional engineers using the industry’s most advanced technology. This simplifies construction and significantly reduces erection time. This means lower “in place costs” as well as quicker occupancy.

Easy to Erect

Our buildings are engineered to go up fast, easing your construction budget concerns.

Reduced Design Time

Our optimized processes greatly reduce the time to design, produce, and fabricate your metal building.

Flexible & Versatile

Wide-Range of Applications

Our steel buildings meet a wide-range of applications from industrial and commercial, to the agricultural, community, and retail industries.

Architectural Flexibility

There are numerous design options, exterior siding, roofing, and trim colors available to beautifully finish your Nucor building. Brick, stucco or wainscoting may also be used… The sky is the limit!

Ease of Expansion

When more space is needed, metal walls and framework are simple to remove for easy and seamless additions to existing metal buildings.

Environmentally Friendly

Our steel building systems contain over 70% recycled steel and is 100% recyclable.


Our buildings are adaptable to a number of energy efficient insulation systems. This includes our cool-coated insulated metal panels, which can reduce energy costs. A low profile roofline can also eliminate unnecessary head room to heat and cool.


Our building systems offer an opportunity to capitalize on earning LEED points right from the start.

Custom Engineered

Solutions That Work

Each of our metal building systems is custom-designed using the latest in design technology to meet your unique needs. Our product is your solution!

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