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CICP – Contractor Installation Certification Program
Train with our installation professionals and become a certified installer of our building products

CICP Training at Nucor Building Systems

Created specifically for contractors and erectors, this program will equip you with the required information, skills, and knowledge to supervise onsite installation of our products. The CICP program is designed to instruct you on the proper installation of roof systems provided by Nucor Building Systems. Successful completion of this certification is a requirement for standard & premium no-dollar limit warranties.

In addition to classroom education, this 2.5 day program will offer hands-on assembly of full-scale roofs in an indoor laboratory setting. The sessions will include building hips/valleys, roof-to-wall interfaces, ridge assemblies, panel endlaps, trim lines, and many other conditions that represent real world conditions. You will also be educated on how to monitor your crews during product installation. All education will be under the direct supervision of our experienced installation professionals.

Interested in Attending an Upcoming CICP Seminar?

All training is held at our Waterloo, Indiana plant, with lunches provided on days 1 & 2. In addition to the hands-on instruction, you will also enjoy plant tours of our metal building & insulated metal panel manufacturing facilities.
Below are upcoming CICP seminar dates:

  • October 4-6


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AIA Registered Courses for Architects

NBS believes in the value that architects and architecture brings to our industry, and believe this drives value through the power of design. We are focused on providing the necessary support to elevate the level of effectiveness by providing training on the features and benefits of our products.

Currently, we offer in-depth AIA studies and provide continuing education credit on the following topics:

  • Metal Buildings 101
    Gain an understanding the basics of metal building systems in order to effectively design low-rise, non-residential buildings that incorporate these systems, along with a discussion of both the realities & misperceptions of MB construction
  • BIM 3D Modeling Technology
    Understand how BIM is transforming & streamlining the construction industry
  • Daylighting with Prismatic Skylights
    In-depth study of prismatic daylighting and how to significantly reduce lighting energy consumption
  • Retrofit Roofing Systems
    A deep study of retrofit roof systems, how to reduce heat islands through the use of cool coatings, and the sustainability impact of steel recycling

If you would like more information or are interested in hosting an AIA registered course, please contact our Warranties & CICP Coordinator at 334.695.3418.

AIA Registered Courses Available at NBS


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