Industrial Manufacturing Steel Buildings: Industrial Crane Buildings

Custom Designed Logistics Building

Manufacturing Plants, Industrial Crane Buildings, Manufacturing-Warehouses

Nucor’s design approach to industrial manufacturing steel buildings can satisfy even the most stringent of customer demands.

As a leader in the metal building industry, Nucor offers the advantages of design flexibility, sustainability, energy efficiency and low maintenance. Today’s manufacturing facility design needs include wide spans, crane systems, warehouse space, mezzanines, and expandability. Nucor metal buildings are the perfect solution to meet your business needs.

Pre-Engineered Industrial Metal Buildings: Long Life Spans with Low Maintenance

The long life span and low maintenance of a pre-engineered manufacturing building makes it the perfect choice for you. It pays to invest in quality, durability, and performance. Your Nucor building is designed using the latest in BIM 3D technology, giving you the most efficient use of every square foot of your building. Take a moment to view a few of our industrial manufacturing projects:



Wide Span Buildings: Design Flexibility

Nucor has designed, fabricated, and shipped thousands of industrial buildings.  Using 3D BIM technology, your building’s design can be adapted to support your unique requirements while delivering a practical, cost-effective building solution. Design criteria such as complex crane and door systems, mezzaninesskylights, maintenance &office space can easily be incorporated into your manufacturing building.

Multiple Steel Framing Options

Your manufacturing building can be designed to virtually any desired dimension to achieve the optimal design solution. As a custom metal building manufacturer, we produce a wide array of structural systems, with all  available in standard or long span options.

Exclusive only to Nucor, our ClearBay® joist system provides superior materials, optimal bridging locations, and connections bring a high quality building solution. Providing spacious bays of up to 60′, Nucor ClearBay provides the ultimate in versatility and open spaces.


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