Clear Span Micro Brewery Building

The Little Miami Brewing Company is in Downtown Old Milford right on the edge of the Little Miami River and Bike Trail. The owners wanted a warm and inviting taproom with a great scenic view of the river. The building started with an NBS pre-engineered clearspan metal building 60'x70' with front, back, and side entryways. It was designed to let light into the building utilizing three vertical lift doors and windows on all four sides.

The roof system consists of fox gray CFR™ standing seam roof panels with tall clips to accommodate 6“ standard fiberglass insulation with thermal block. Atop the roof is a cupola, for added flair, and four 5” pipe jacks. The wall system contains Galvalume R-Panel wall panels with brick, and 8' R-Panel wall liners all along the left end wall and partial liners on the front and back walls. The outside front and side walls have below eave canopies topped with fox gray CFR™ panels for a warm, inviting entrance.

  • Location: Milford, OH
  • Size: 4,200 sf
  • Wall System: R-Panel with Brick
  • Roof System: Nucor CFR Standing Seam
  • Roof Color: Fox Gray
  • End Use: Micro Brewery
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