Robotic Dairy Metal Buildings with Open Walls

Fred Rau Dairy turned to robotic milking, a new method that requires less labor than their previous stanchion barns and open corrals, in order to remain sustainable. Two identical 125,490 sf free stall barns were built to provide additional room for support stock. Fred Rau Dairy invested in 24 robotic milking systems that are arranged in an L-shape design with three robots per string. Large fans with water misters are attached to the Nucor interior modular columns.

The open walled structures feature R-Panel roof systems with a pitch of 1 1/2:12, and the ridge cap was removed to provide a 3’ wide opening that is the full length of each building.

  • Location: Fresno, CA
  • Size: 250,980 sf
  • Roof System: R-Panel
  • Roof Color: Polar White
  • End Use: Dairy Barn
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