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Bus Garages, Maintenance and Service Buildings

Your Nucor bus maintenance steel building will be individually engineered and designed to meet your end use requirements, including crane systems, storage, mezzanines, and office areas. Often you have future expansion in mind. Nucor's design approach will meet your needs for your bus garage / maintenance building.
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Bus maintenance garage - steel building
Leonard Bus Maintenance
Builder: Gates Builders, Inc.
Location: Lehigh, FL
Size: 20,000 sf
School bus maintenance facility with a 70-ton link-belt truck crane. Clear span.

Bus maintenance steel building by NBS
Marcellus Bus Maintenance
Builder: Hohn Construction
Location: Marcellus, NY
Size: 13,300 sf
School bus maintenance building with at-eave canopy and lean-to. Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system.

Transit authority maintenance facility by Nucor
Builder: Thompson Turner Construction
Location: Columbia SC
Size: 34,400 sf
Operations and maintenance facility for bus maintenance. Partial mezzanine. Nucor Classic Roof™ and Classic Wall™ exterior.
Bus maintenance building by NBS
Felicity Bus Barn
Builder: M.L. Barnard, Inc.
Location: Felicity, OH
Size: 16,050 sf
School bus drive-in maintenance & storage facility with standard lean-to. Nucor Classic Roof and Accent Wall™ exterior.
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