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Fire Stations

Hose towers, mezzanines, multiple truck bays, masonry exteriors, and even crane systems are all design needs that are common when planning a fire station... and all of these design needs are easily met by choosing a Nucor steel building system.
For a printable version of a fire station project, click the photo.  
Fire station by Nucor Building Systems
Union Township #52
Builder: Cincinnati United Contractors
Location: Union Township, OH
Size: 12,390 sf
Six vehicle garage, living quarters for 7 firepersons, kitchen, and fitness room. Partial mezzanine. Nucor VR16 II system.
Fire Station Metal Building
Red Oak Fire Department
Builder: R & L Builders & Sons
Location: Red Oak, NC
Size: 18,800 sf
A Buy American Project. Five-bay fire station with office. Painted Nucor VR16 II roof system. Brick & EIFS exterior.
Fire Station metal building by Nucor
Bart Township Fire Company
Builder: Wickersham Construction & Engineering, Inc.
Location: Bart, PA
Size: 7,200 sf
A community fire house complete with hose tower. It includes a partial mezzanine, and is covered with a painted Nucor CFR system.
Fire Station metal building by Nucor
Cleburne Fire Department  
Location: Cleburne, TX
Size: 6,150 sf
One of three identical buildings, all by NBS. The truck bays of this fire station are lined with Classic liner. This facility also features a painted Nucor CFR system.
Fire station by Nucor Building Systems
Mifflin Fire Station
Builder: Simonson Construction Services, Inc.
Location: Mansfield, OH
Size: 5,504 sf
A 24-hour staffed fire station with the Nucor VR16 roof system, a 2,450 sf apparatus bay, as well as an office and support service area.
Fire Station metal building by Nucor
Norton Fire Station #3
Location: Spring Lake, MI
Size: 7,420 sf
This beautiful fire house includes a 2-ton monorail crane. Masonry exterior, topped with Nucor CFR in Burnished Slate. Interior lined with Classic Wal liner panel system.
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