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Single Slope Metal Building Systems

Single sloped building designs are used for a multitude of building types, from shopping centers to offices and storage facilities. They are a great choice when interior columns do not impair the function of the building and where it is advantageous to have one-way roof drainage. A Nucor steel building offers you a versatile, durable, and economical solution.
Click on the photo for a printable file of any single sloped building on this page:  
Single sloped metal building
Missouri Cotton Exchange
Builder: Professional Contractors & Engineers
Location: Columbia, MO
Size: 11,000 sf
Single sloped manufacturing facility with warehouse and office. Addition to existing structue. Masonry exterior. Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof system.
single slope metal building with boxed out canopy
Builder: Hugman Architecture and Construction, Inc.
Location: Longview, TX
Size: 46,900 sf
Single slope industrial metal building with rake and eave extensions, parapet walls, and a below eave boxed-out canopy.
Single slope metal building by NBS
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Size: 30,000 sf
Single slope warehouse with single slope office.
21’ parapet wall at entrance. Nucor CFR™ standing seam roof.
Maintenance building by Nucor
Builder: Revelle Builders
Location: Elizabeth City, NC
Size: 34,730 sf
Single-slope maintenance facility with lean-to. Full mezzanine, one 15-ton & four 15-ton cranes, Nucor Classic Roof™ and Classic Wall™ systems.
Automotive service facility by NBS
Morris Nissan
Builder: Charles Blanchard Construction Corporation
Location: Charleston, SC
Size: 4,420 sf
Single-slope paint and body shop designed for future expansion. Nucor Classic Roof and Classic Wall exterior.
School vocational ag storage building
Killingly HS Storage
Builder: Steeltech Building Products, Inc.
Location: Killingly, CT
Size: 6,400 sf
Single slope storage facility for a high school vocational agriculture program.
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