Prismatic Skylights with LED Lighting

Nucor’s high performance prismatic skylights, when combined with the use of energy-efficient LED lighting and controls, offers an even higher opportunity for operational energy savings.

LED is the most efficient lighting technology available today. It is estimated by the U.S. Department of Energy that switching to LED lighting over the next two decades could save the country $250 billion in energy costs over that period, reduce the electricity consumption for lighting by nearly one half, and avoid 1,800 million metric tons of carbon emission. Because of the compelling benefits of LED lighting, it is here to stay and will be an important part of the lighting industry for years to come.

Daylighting Building Interior

Prismatic Skylights, LED Lighting, and Lighting Controls

Maximum energy savings (up to 75%) are achieved when the lighting system is controlled by both daylighting and occupancy sensors. Experience has shown that in commercial buildings, the manual operation of lights is unreliable and thus an automatic system is required. Lighting systems in nonresidential buildings operate at full output regardless of outdoor conditions. On most days, however, daylight (sunlight through skylights and windows) can provide sufficient light levels for many activities. The results of not dimming electric lights include occupant eye strain due to excessive light levels and unnecessarily high electricity use for lighting and air-conditioning.

Get Maximum Advantage of Daylighting with Lighting Control Systems

Lighting systems, skylights, windows and HVAC systems need to be designed to take maximum advantage of daylighting. When solar gains are at their highest, the building cooling system can be reduced in size because lights are dimmed to the minimum. Daylighting works best with indirect lighting because occupants are less likely to notice changes in electric light output.

Maximum energy savings (up to 75%) are achieved when the lighting system is controlled by both daylighting and occupancy sensors. Combining your prismatic skylights with energy efficient LED lighting and controls can potentially reduce your annual electric lighting energy consumption by 40-60%.

Bringing natural light into your building provides benefits beyond energy savings. Compared to facilities relying solely on lighting:

  • Retailers report up to 40% better sales in daylighted stores
  • Daylit schools see improvements of 20-26% in academic function
  • Office report 10-25% better worker performance, reduced absenteeism, and significantly better morale

Studies have also shown a significant correlation between daylighting and improved performance of office workers, and up to a 40% increase in retail sales. LED lighting can also reduce your total electricity consumption for lighting by half.