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Insulated Metal Panels on a Steel BuildingNBS insulated metal panels benefit from our many years of experience in the metal building industry and the use of our cool coating technology.

Our coatings feature vivid, fade-resistant color, incredible durability and environmentally friendly cool technology originally developed for stealth aircraft in the U.S. military. This is by far the best paint system available on the market for commercial buildings.

Cool Coating Technology

To be considered cool, products must have a solar reflectance of at least 25%. Solar reflectance is the measure of a panel’s ability to not absorb certain wavelengths of the sun. Another important factor is thermal emittance, the measure of a panel’s ability to release heat that it has absorbed. Put these two factors together and you get the solar reflectance index, the measure of a panel’s ability to reflect solar heat.

IMP Color Chart
IMP Color Chart