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Insulated metal roof panels provide a high level of thermal R-value, which leads to energy savings for your steel building. NBS offers two insulated roof systems: the SR2 Standing Seam and HR3 High Rib panels. Nucor’s SR2 brings the look of a traditional standing seam roof with all the benefits of an insulated metal panel. Our HR3 insulated roof panel is the economical solution to field assembled metal roofing, and installs quickly by through-fastening at the standing ribs into supporting structural members.

SR2 Insulated Standing Seam Panel

SR2 Standing Seam Insulated Metal Roof Panel

With Nucor’s SR2 insulated roof you achieve the look of a traditional standing seam with the benefits of an insulated panel system. The SR2 is field seamed with a hidden fastener joinery, which delivers maximum protection from the elements. The high level of thermal R value in the SR2 leads to energy cost savings, and the trapezoidal rib design provides increased protection and strength against foot traffic damage.

HR3 High Rib Insulated Panel

HR3 High Rib Insulated Metal Roof Panel

The Nucor HR3 roof panel offers an economical solution as compared to field assembled high rib roofs. Your panels arrive in one piece, requiring a simple one-step installation. This 40” wide panel installs quickly by using a unique EPDM gasketed saddle washer. The saddle washer allows you to fasten at the standing ribs, out of shed water.

Insulated Metal Roof Panel Features

    • High level of thermal R-Value leads to energy cost savings for your facility
    • IMP roof panels have an overlapping joint that is self-aligning, with factory caulked seams
    • Panels arrive on-site in one piece, requiring a simple one-step installation, reducing construction time and costs
    • Standard metal surface is 26 gauge G-90 galvanized steel, with a PVDF coating providing fade-resistant, energy efficient exterior
    • Fast, single component installation eliminates the inefficiencies of multi-piece, field assembled roof systems, saving installation time as well as labor costs
    • The SR2 trapezoidal rib design provides added strength against potential foot traffic damage compared to other standing seam products
    • HR3 Roof Panels are available in 2.5″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ thickness and install quickly and easily by through fastening at the standing ribs into supporting structural members

NBS insulated roof panels have been extensively tested under a variety of North American Standards to ensure compliance with various building codes and industry standards. Reference our brochure for details.