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NBS Insulated Metal Wall Panels embody attractive styling with cutting edge energy efficiency and superior insulating properties. Our insulated metal wall panel systems accommodate the needs of virtually any building design, which are ideally suited for commercial and industrial applications. Fasteners are concealed within the panel side joint. The attractive profiles break up the flat expanse of metal on large projects such as manufacturing buildings or warehouses.

DM40 Double Mesa Insulated Metal Panel

DM40 Double Mesa Insulated Metal Wall Panel

Particularly suited for thicker, long-length walls, DM40 Double Mesa insulated panel is an economical choice perfect for commercial and industrial buildings, including cold storage. The Double Mesa’s low profile, linear exterior surface simplifies flashing connections, which inhibits moisture vapor transmission. It features a light embossed exterior and interior texture.

ST40 Striated Insulated Metal Panel

ST40 Striated Insulated Metal Wall Panel

Where a clean, flat appearance is desired, the ST40 Striated insulated metal panel is a very economical option. Its light embossed exterior is profiled with narrow longitudinal striations that adds rigidity yet helps ensure an acceptable flatness tolerance. Ideal for nearly any application, the ST40 combines the aesthetics of a flat exterior appearance with the high insulation ratings of an insulated wall panel.

HE40 Heavy Embossed Insulated Metal Panel

HE40 Heavy Embossed Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The HE40 Heavy Embossed insulated panel offers a flat exterior, heavily embossed stucco texture, that mimics the look of a masonry stucco finish. This profile is ideal for facilities where design character is desired. The heavy embossment adds rigidity to the panel, yet maintains a patterned flat appearance. Heavy Embossed panels are available with a pre-painted finish, or may be field sprayed with a textured or stucco-style coating.

HE40A Heavy Embossed AdobeTexture Insulated Panel

HE40A AdobeTexture™ Insulated Metal Wall Panel

The HE40A AdobeTexture factory-rolled insulated wall panels offer a multi-textured profile with a matte finish that simulates a troweled stucco exterior. This unique patented process eliminates the need for additional or factory appied stucco coatings.

Insulated Wall Panel Features

    • The double tongue & groove is self-aligning and weathertight. This allows for sealant application at either the interior or exterior side of the panel joinery, depending on the direction of the vapor drive.
    • Hidden/concealed fasteners give the panel a clean and aesthetically appealing appearance.
    • Removable film prevents damage to the exterior of the panel during shipping and installation.
    • This panel arrives on-site in one piece and requires one simple step installation, reducing construction time and costs.
    • Standard exterior and interior steel surface is 26 gauge, with 24ga and 22ga optional for some profiles.
    • Panels are available in 2″, 2.5″, 3″, and 4″ thickness with lengths that can range from 8’0″ to 50’0″, depending on solar loading.
    • Fast, single component installation eliminates the inefficiencies of multi-piece, field assembled wall systems, saving installation time as well as labor costs.
    • AdobeTexture™ offers a factory-rolled texture with a matte stucco appearance and eliminates the need for additional coatings.

NBS insulated wall panels have been extensively tested under a variety of North American Standards to ensure compliance with various building codes and industry standards. Reference our brochure for details.