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Nucor VR16 II™ Vertical Rib Standing Seam Roof System

The Nucor VR16 II roof system panel is a weathertight system that is an ideal solution for buildings with hips and valleys. The VR16 II roof panel offers an attractive architectural roof system available in both Galvalume and PVDF finishes as standard. VR16 II is the only vertical rib standing seam system with the Nucor FOCUS.

Perfect for the Marketplace
The Nucor VR16 II standing seam roof system is a structural standing seam vertical rib panel that is perfect for the architectural requirements in today's marketplace. Panels are installed with concealed fastener clips that allow for thermal movement, and mechanically seamed for weathertight installation.


Performance & Testing
AISI Gravity & Uplift Base Testing
ASTM E108 Fire Tests
ASTM E283 Determining Air Leakage
ASTM E1592 Wind Uplift

ASTM E1646 Water Penetration
ASTM E1680 Air Leakage
FM Simulated Hail Damage
US Army Corps of Engineers CEGS 07416 test specifcation


Vertical Rib Standing Seam Panel Options

Nucor VR16 II is available in both standard and striated panel profiles, with the Vise Lock and Vise Lock 360 seaming options.


Ratings and Specifications
Panel Rating Ga. Secondary Spacing Seam Option
FM 1-60 24 Purlins or Joists 5'-0" Nucor Vise Lock 360
Purlins or Joists 3'-4" Nucor Vise Lock 360
FM 1-120 24 Purlins or Joists 2'-6" Nucor Vise Lock 360
FM 1-180 22 Purlins or Joists Varies Nucor Vise Lock 360
UL90 24 Purlins or Joists 5'-0" Nucor Vise Lock/ Vise Lock 360
Florida 24 Purlins or Joists 5'-0" Nucor Vise Lock/Vise Lock 360
Miami Dade 22 Purlins or Joists 5'-0" Nucor Vise Lock/Vise Lock 360



Nucor VR16 II Features

Rib Height: 2"
Cover width: 16"
Factory sealant continuously applied along female rib
Minor striations to help reduce oil canning
Available in painted PVDF finishes and Galvalume
Standard availability in 24 gauge material (22 ga available)
Mechanically seamed for weathertight installation
Panel installed with concealed fastener clips that allow for thermal movement
1/4:12 Minimum roof slope required


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