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Nucor SP (Silicone Polyester) Color Systems

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Nucor Color - Burnished Slate Nucor Color - Evergreen Nucor Color - Aztec Blue Nucor Color - Brick Red
IR .31  IE .86     SRI  32 IR .26   IE .86    SRI 25     IR .25   IE .86   SRI 24 IR .32   IE .85    SRI 32
Nucor Color - Sagebrush Nucor Color - Fox Gray Nucor Color - Lightstone Nucor Color - Polar White
IR .47   IE .85     SRI  53 IR .43    IE  .85     SRI 47 IR .59    IE .87    SRI 70 IR .66   IE .86    SRI  79
    IR - Initial Reflectance      IE -Initial Emittance      SRI - Solar Reflectance Index
Shown colors are matched as well as possible.  Exact color match should be made from metal chip samples.
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