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Metal Building Canopies & Entryways

Nucor metal buildings can be customized with unique canopies and entryways that offer versatility in the design as well as functionality in a custom steel building.  Our canopies may be ordered either at eave or below eave. The structural beam of the canopy is not enclosed within the optional soffit system. Standard projections are 5’-0” and 10’-0”.

We have the ability to incorporate light gauge steel into the design of your canopy or entryway, which allows us to provide custom solutions for complex or architecturally interesting features without compromising structural elements or design.

Steel building with canopy by NBS Nucor Building by Janotta & Herner, Inc. Nucor Building by Ray Fogg Building Methods, Inc.
Nucor Builder: Sunrush Construction Co. Inc. Nucor Builder: Janotta & Herner, Inc. Nucor Builder: Ray Fogg Building Methods, Inc.
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  Canopy systems must terminate at a sidewall or endwall column. Standard below eave canopy roof slopes shall be 1:12. Standard below eave canopy roof type is to be Classic, 26 gage, unless specified otherwise. Soffit material, where specified, spans the canopy projection. Other soffit applications are non-standard and require special pricing.

Nucor’s standard product soffit panel configuration shall be Nucor Classic Wall™ panel. Our customer shall establish a clear height requirement for below eave canopies. This is defined as the distance from the building finished floor elevation to the underside of the canopy beam. In any below eave canopy condition, Nucor shall consider the possibility of snowdrift in the design of the building.

The eave condition on a below eave canopy is to match the main building unless noted otherwise. Any deviation from any of the standards noted above may require non-standard framing methods to be priced.

For detailed information, refer to the Nucor Product Manual:    7.2 Canopies

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