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Nucor Windows

The Nucor Building Systems window is an extruded aluminum frame unit designed specifically for metal building use. The window comes completely assembled for ease of installation, and is self-flashing, so no framed opening is required.
Steel building by Nucor Steel building by Nucor Metal building system by Nucor
Nucor Builder: T. Gene Edwards, Inc.    Nucor Builder: Davis Steel Buildings, Inc.
  The head and sill trim for Nucor windows are factory attached to the window frame. The universal jamb pieces are “snapped” in place without the use of fasteners and work well with all Nucor standard panel profiles. The window does not need to be installed directly on 12" centers.

The window frame features a 1/4” polyurethane thermal barrier and the windows are 5/8" clear insulated glass. The finish is prime painted and finished with a white or brown paint, and are individually crated for shipping.

Window Sizes Available
Horizontal Slider Fixed Fixed/Project-In
3030 2060 3040
4030 4040  
4040 5040  

Special window sizes and other types are available from Nucor on special order for additional cost and possibly longer delivery.

In locations requiring windborne debris protection, this product requires an impact-resistant covering meeting the requirements of building codes. The covering is not included by Nucor Building Systems.

For more detailed Information refer to the Nucor Product Manual: Windows - Section 8.0

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