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Metal Building Accessories

Steel Building by Nucor Building Systems Metal building system by Nucor Steel Building with translucent panels by Nucor
Nucor Builder: Davis Steel Buildings, Inc. Nucor Builder: Magnolia Construction, LLC Nucor metal building with translucent panels

Whether it be walkdoors, windows, translucent panels, or ridge vents, our metal building accessories are designed with economy and ease of installation in mind. Our pre-assembled walk doors are foam insulated and self-framing, requiring no framed opening if Nucor standard girt spacing is utilized.

Our Nucor CFR™ Translucent Panel is an economical method of allowing natural lighting into your building. Nucor windows are an extruded aluminum frame unit designed specifically for metal building use, and individually crated for shipping.

You may also access the NBS Product & Engineering Manual for more detailed information.

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