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Nucor CFR™ Standing Seam Roof System

The Nucor CFR standing seam roof system is a functional roof specifically designed for low slopes. Our standing seam roof has been extensively tested to ensure the highest level of performance for weathertightness as well as structural integrity, with panels that are tested and approved by Factory Mutual® and Underwriters Laboratories® for wind uplift as well as hail and fire resistance. Your Nucor CFR may be supported by our ClearBay® roof joist system. Exclusive only to Nucor, ClearBay provides spacious bays of up to 60', with optimized materials with bridging locations and connections bring you a dependable, high quality building solution.

Nucor CFR Standing Seam Roof System A manufacturing building by Nucor Heavy equipment service building by Nucor
The Nucor CFR standing seam roof system Nucor Builder: Bleigh Construction Co. Nucor Builder: Fetters Construction, Inc.
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State of the Art Standing Seam Roof Clip Design

Nucor CFR ClipThe Nucor CFR Clip is a patented clip designed to provide a high degree of flexibility while maintaining excellent lateral purlin support.

Steel roof panels expand and contract with changes in temperature. The design of our patented clip accommodates these thermal movements by sliding back and forth with the metal. The result is a roof connection that maintains the highest degree of system performance while allowing for movement of the roof panels.

Nucor CFR Specifications

  • 24" wide coverage
  • 24 gage raw material
  • Roof slopes 1/4:12 and greater
  • Standard warranty - 25 year Galvalume with an optional 20 year weathertightness
  • 25 year finish warranty for standard SP colors
  • 35 year finish warranty for standard PVDF colors
  • A complete list of specifications is available by selecting the CFR Specifications menu option.

Leak test performed on the Nucor CFRIndustry Proven Weathertightness

  • ASTM-E-1646 Water Leakage
  • ASTM-E-2140 Static Waterhead Testing
  • Field tested under real-life conditions
  • Laboratory tested under strict conditions
  • Eave & ridge penetrations outside building envelope
  • Over 200 million sf of Nucor CFR in the marketplace

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