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Why did we improve the Nucor "CFR"™ seaming options?

Katrina, Rita, and the Florida hurricanes have all created a keen interest among building owners, architects, insurance carriers, and code officials to make sure that all building products be designed to withstand the forces of nature. Whether we are fighting huge uplift forces, driving rain, snow or even seismic forces, Nucor constantly strives to improve all products to better serve our customers.

While the Power Lock Seaming Options offered with the Nucor "CFR" Standing Seam Roof System have provided customers with outstanding roof performance since they were introduced, the new Nucor "Vise Lock"™ and "Vise Lock 360"™ options are the next generation in roof performance. Both seams offer improved uplift and weathertightness performance over their predecessors. In fact, the only way competitors can match the uplift ratings, generated by "Nucor Vise Lock 360"™ is add significant costs in terms of additional structural support, fasteners, and/or clips. Thus "Nucor Vise Lock"™ brings unsurpassed strength and simplicity in the same package.

And of course. . .

Nucor has introduced the new "Nucor Vise Lock"™ seams without changing the basic Nucor "CFR"™ Roof Panel in any other way. This guarantees that all of the previous benefits of the Nucor "CFR"™ system are still evident with the new seaming options. To review these benefits, click here.



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