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Hardwall Systems for Nucor Metal Buildings

Hardwall fire station Hardwall metal building by NBS
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Hardwall systems are an attractive and practical metal building solution that can often maximize your interior space by reducing the amount of structural columns needed. With NBS, you have a multitude of choices in design and treatment of your hardwall building, with a structural system that is custom designed to accommodate attractive wall profiles including curves, skews, and textures.


Hardwall Long Span Buildings

Hardwall systems are often applied to a Nucor long span building, with a perimeter that can be designed as load bearing or non-load bearing. When designed as load bearing, the need for wall columns is eliminated, therefore offering more interior free space. Roof diaphragm action, roof plane bracing, eave trusses, along with shear walls are needed to provide lateral stability for the structure.

Hardwall Long Bay Detail
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