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September 2014


Nucor Building Systems is donating safety equipment to be used for Swansea High School’s newly established welding program.  This is the first year the program is being offered as part of the school’s Career and Technology Education (CATE) Program with 70 students already enrolled.

The donated items provided by Nucor Building Systems include hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection equipment, welding jackets and welding hoods which will provide the necessary personal protection equipment for students in the program. 
“As a local employer of skilled welders and steel professionals, we are very excited to work with Swansea High School to support the learning and technical abilities of students in the new welding program,” said John Hollatz, General Manager of Nucor Building Systems.  “We hope this is the start of a mutually beneficial relationship for our company and the high school, and, more importantly, that this program opens the door to a career in the welding field for these students.”

The program focuses not only on developing students’ welding skills, but also teaching them about the importance of safety performance, teamwork and developing a good work ethic.  Swansea High School’s commitment to starting a comprehensive welding program that teaches these core principles was a key reason for Nucor’s support.  The company believes the emphasis on these fundamentals will set the program apart from others. 

“We are grateful for Nucor’s support of our new welding program and excited to give our students another career opportunity to explore,” said Swansea High School Principal Bryan Evans.  “We look forward to providing local employers with graduates who are workforce ready.”

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