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Nucor Building Systems Credentials


You can put your trust in Nucor solutions that have been proven time and time again. As a member of the Metal Building Manufacturer's Association and the Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute, you can be assured that Nucor Building Systems products have passed rigorous third-party testing of our engineering and manufacturing policies, practices, and procedures.

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Facility Certifications or Accreditations
Underwriter Agency Approvals
Factory Mutual Approval – FM Standard 4471 – CFR, Classic Roof, and VR 16 II
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL 580 Class 90 Roof Panels
  Classic Roof – Construction No. 161, 167
  CFR – Construction No. 552, 552A, 552B, 590
  VR 16 II – Construction No. 238, 238A, 238B, 238C, 331, 336,
   435, 451, 487, & 567
Completed Product Testing
ASTM E108 Test Methods for Fire Tests of Roof Coverings - VR16 II, CFR, Classic Roof
ASTM E283 Test Method for Determining Air Leakage through Wall Systems – Classic Wall, Reverse-Classic Wall, Accent Wall, VR16 II
ASTM E331 Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Wall Systems - Classic Wall, Reverse-Classic Wall, Accent Wall, VR16 II
ASTM E1592 Test Method for Wind Uplift Performance of Sheet Metal Roofing Sytems - VR16 II, CFR
ASTM E1646 Test Method for Water Penetration of Exterior Roof Systems - VR16 II, CFR all seams, 24" wide = none @12 psf
ASTM E1680 Test Method for Rate of Air Leakage Through Exterior Roof Systems - VR16 II, CFR all seams, 24" wide = 0.0005 cfm/sq.ft.
ASTM E2140 Test Method for Water Penetration of Metal Roof Panel Systems by Static Water Pressure Head – CFR
AISI Gravity & Uplift Base Testing – VR 16 II, CFR
AISI Purlin Stability Testing - VR16 II, CFR
US Army Corps of Engineers - VR16 II, CFR – Approved per CEGS 07416 test specification
FM Simulated Hail Damage Testing – VR 16 II, CFR, Classic Roof – Class SH Hail Resistance
IAS AC 472 Accreditation for Metal Buildings - all four facilities
CAN/CSA A660 Certification for Manufacture of Metal Buildings
– Indiana & Utah facilities
Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute – Member
Metal Building Manufacturers Association – Member
CWB W47.1 Certified – Indiana & Utah facilities
Personnel Credentials
Licensed Professional Engineers – Registered
Throughout the US and Canada
Professional Association Membership by NBS Engineers:
    National Society of Professional Engineers
    American Society of Civil Engineers
    American Welding Society
    Association of Iron & Steel Engineers
State/Local Approvals:
Florida Product Approval - Nucor VR16 II™, CFR™, Classic
Roof™, Classic Wall™, Reverse Classic™, Accent Wall™
Miami-Dade County - Approved Manufacturer &/or Fabricator
of Structural Steel and Miscellaneous Metals Products & Assemblies
City Fabricator Certifications - Cities of Houston,TX;
Los Angeles, CA; Riverside, CA; Seattle, WA; Phoenix, AZ
Clark County, NV – Certified Fabricator of Metal Building
State of Utah – Department of Facilities and Construction
Management – Approved Fabricator

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Research & Development Lab Product & Engineering Manual Specification Guide
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