Nucor Builder Calendar Program

Promoting Builder Construction ExcellenceExclusive to Authorized Nucor Builders, the Calendar Program is designed to recognize quality facilities constructed with NBS products. In addition to your photos being featured in the calendar, you may receive additional recognition by having your project appear in our printed literature, media, or the NBS website which often includes a link to your website. Please send full-sized, unaltered digital photographs.

Submittal is Easy

Simply complete the online Building Profile. The built-in upload feature within the form allows you to upload your photos. Please submit multiple views of your building if possible.
Submittal Deadline: Friday, September 11, 2020



Submission Criteria

    • Any NBS project may be submitted, regardless of completion date
    • Projects previously submitted in the construction phase may be submitted again at final completion
    • There is no limit to the number of projects submitted
    • All photos submitted require a completed Project Profile form, which grants NBS full rights to use the photos in any marketing activities
    • If you submit professional photographs, you must ensure that Nucor Building Systems has full usage rights to the photos





Due to space constraints, only Builder credits will be listed on calendars. No credits on other media will be named.


    • Photograph from multiple angles, highlighting unique features of your building
    • Do not crop, recolor, or modify your photos
    • Use the highest quality setting on your camera
    • Wait for nice weather and the best light – the best hours are typically early morning or 1-2 hours before sunset
    • Return to the project after it is finished and landscaped, if possible