Nucor Builder Calendar Program

Exclusive to Authorized Nucor Builders, the Calendar Program is designed to recognize quality facilities constructed with NBS products. In addition to your photos being featured in the calendar, you may receive additional recognition by having your project appear in our printed literature, media, or the NBS website. Please send full-sized, unaltered digital photographs.

Submittal is Easy

Simply complete the online Building Profile. The built-in upload feature within the form allows you to upload your photos. Please submit multiple views of your building if possible.
Deadline: September 6, 2024

We do not accept photos that have been edited, resized, or cropped. Send the full-sized, unedited images. 



Prize Drawing for Calendar Entries

Two Exciting Prize Drawings!

We’re offering our Authorized Builders 2 CHANCES TO WIN by participating in our annual Excellence In Design Program. Each project submitted before July 12, 2024 will be entered into our Early Bird drawing for a chance to win a Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0!*

Early Bird projects automatically get a second chance to win our Grand Prize incentive, back by popular demand: A Blackstone 36″ Gas Griddle Cooking Station with Omaha Steaks gift card!◆


*$300.00 value ◆$550 value
Projects must be submitted via our online form and upload center, and meet all photo guidelines to be eligible.

Submission Guidelines

Unedited Images
We do not accept photos that have been edited, resized, or cropped. Submit unedited, full-sized images.

Unlimited Quantity
Submit as many projects as you like – any NBS building may be submitted.

Profile Form
All photos submitted require a completed Project Profile form, which grants NBS full rights to use the photos for any marketing efforts.

Full Rights Usage
If you submit professional photos, you must ensure that Nucor Building Systems has full usage rights to the photos. Photographer credits are not listed on any NBS marketing efforts.

Builder credits only will be listed on calendars. No other credits will be named in any NBS marketing efforts.

Nucor Building Photography Examples


Multiple Angles – Photograph your building from all corners & sides. Interiors are a bonus!

Unmodified Images – Do not Photoshop, crop, recolor, resize or modify your photos in any way

Good Light – It doesn’t need to be sunny for good daytime photography. If fact, when lighting is soft, it lends itself to enhancing the natural beauty of your building. The best hours are typically near sunrise and 1-2 hours before sunset.

Evening Shots – Night time offers a dramatic, bold option to your building photography.