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Primer Notice


Structural Primers for Nucor Buildings

The primer that you find on Nucor primary and secondary framing is highly regulated by various federal and state agencies. As a result, the protective heavy metals once found in paint systems are no longer allowed. The paint now applied is a primer coat designed only to protect the product for very short periods of time (see SS PC-15). The specifications for paint can be found in the Nucor Specifications Guide and the MBMA Metal Building Systems Manual.

Extreme care must be given by the builder in planning a project schedule and job site storage to limit the exposure to the elements; however, this alone may not be enough. We recommend that all purlin bundles must be broken and purlins restacked separately in a sheltered, well ventilated area. Frames must be stored so that no water or debris is allowed to accumulate in web or flange areas.

Nucor can supply gray primer at an additional cost. Gray primers are not a finish coat and present the builder special risks due to the contrasting color of the primer and steel rust. Nucor will not quote specialty coatings; however, at the builder’s request, Nucor will ship structural steel to the builder’s paint subcontractor for application of more protective or decorative coatings.

Nucor will not accept backcharges for rust appearing on structural steel.



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