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Nucor Understands Recycling. We've Been Doing it for Years

Nucor, It's our Nature - oakleaf

Over 2.6 million tons of appliances, nearly 1.6 million tons of steel cans, nine million cars... all recycled by Nucor last year. Conservation of this magnitude leads to over 5,400 BTU's of energy saved for every pound of steel that is recycled.

Nucor is America's Largest Recycler -

  It just makes sense to use something again...
  After all - we all live in the same place.
As our ad states, we all share this one world of ours. This makes environmental protection non-negotiable for Nucor.
Nucor recycles nearly 20 million tons of steel a year. Each year, Nucor Corporation publishes a recycled content letter, which serves to validate that Nucor metal buildings can be an exceptional option if you wish to qualify for LEED Certification.
Recycling metal building by Nucor

We value our environment, and recognize the importance of protecting it, for our communities, employees, and our long-term success. With the exception of the Nucor CFR™, NBS buildings are made from Nucor steel - which is made from scrap. NBS steel materials are 100% recyclable in the future, which means if the building were taken out of service, all of the steel could be made into new steel.

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