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ISO14001:2015 Certified Metal Building Manufacturer

As an ISO14001:2015 certified manufacturer, NBS is dedicated to protecting our environment and reducing waste. In order to be awarded ISO14015 certification, all four NBS divisions underwent a rigorous auditing process by an accredited firm. This demanding process takes about a year to achieve, but is an extremely worthwhile investment, as it ensures our commitment to proper waste management and environmental protection.

Nucor - A Green Company

Nucor makes a promise to be environmentally conscious to its over 20,000 employees and
to the rural communities where plants are generally located. The company has adopted the
slogan “Nucor – It’s our Nature” and promotes this philosophy with its emphasis on recycling.
  • Nucor is the largest steel recycler in North America
  • Last year Nucor recycled a quantity of scrap steel in excess of 20 million tons
  • Nucor's steel making processes have much lower emissions than integrated steel
    making operations
  • Nucor's energy consumption per ton of steel produced is much lower than that of integrated mills
Nucor Building Systems' products may contain steel from all of the Nucor steel mills including sheet,
plate, bar and beam. The average amount of recycled steel used in our products is over 70%.

Nucor and USGBC

Nucor Building Systems is a member of USGBC Nucor Corporation is a member of USGBC® (U.S. Green Building Council) an organization promoting environmentally responsible, profitable and healthy places to live and work.

Our NBS Environmental Policy - G.R.E.E.N.

Nucor Building Systems has set high environmental expectations with our policy, G.R.E.E.N.
All Nucor Building Systems' employees are committed to being responsible to our local
environment through effective environmental practices.

  Information on LEED qualified steel buildings by Nucor Building Systems.
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