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Custom Metal Building Design with
BIM 3D Modeling Technology

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  A revolution in the construction industry - Nucor Building Systems uses the powerful value of 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to more effectively design, detail, and manufacture your custom metal building. This game-changing metal building technology allows us to provide a detailed, three-dimensional conceptual replica of your building, allowing you to see your project as it will be when constructed in the field.  

3D BIM Metal Building Model

BIM constructs a detailed, conceptual replica of your building by encompassing geometry, spacial relationships, geographic information and component properties. This model enables you to view all structural, HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems that make up your building. This allows you to address potential conflicts and make changes prior to fabrication.
Enhanced 3-Dimensional Visualization
The high quality 3-dimensional model of your building includes images as well as product specification data. This software has the ability to manage your building data throughout your building's life cycle. This shared knowledge resource forms a reliable basis for decisions and communication between contractors, architects, engineers and building owners, allowing for seemless coordination and collaboration.
Viewing Your 3D Building Model
NBS has partnered with Tekla, a leading modeling software solutions provider, who offers Tekla BIMsight, a free software application. With BIMsight, those involved with your project are able to view the BIM model of your building. The digital copy of your completed project model can also be used for future operation and maintenance.


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