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Jeff Carmean, NBG President

Our responsibility to our customers is to continue to respond to the changing needs of the industry in all of these areas while maintaining the high standards of our F.O.C.U.S. commitment. Construction is still about creating a tangible facility that aesthetically and functionally meets or exceeds the original vision of the owner. Our Nucor Builders are incredibly skilled and successful meeting today’s construction challenges evidenced by the high level of repeat business our Builders earn every day across the country.”

~ Jeff Carmean

Jeff Carmean, President NBG and Vice President Nucor Corporation



Jeff began his NBS career as the Sales Manager for the Indiana plant, where sales grew exponentially under his successful leadership. He was later promoted to General Manager of the South Carolina Plant before becoming President of all four NBS divisions in 2007. Jeff was elected Vice President of Nucor on January 1, 2008. He was then appointed President of Nucor Buildings Group in January 2014.

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