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Nucor Building Systems is IAS AC472 Accredited

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IAS (International Accreditation Service, Inc.) AC472 is the high quality standard certification program that is specifically written for the metal building systems industry. It is in cooperation with the MBMA, and
must be achieved in order to continue MBMA membership.

IAS AC472 Consists of Three Parts
Part A  Sructural - modeled after AC172, primarily covers welding and traceability for structural fabrication.
Part B Cold Formed - covers the fabrication of cold-formed products that do not require welding.
Part C Design - addresses the design of metal building systems.

AC472 is much broader than AC172 accreditation and encompasses all manufacturing practices and engineering common to the PEMB manufacturing industry. Nucor Building Systems is proud that all four of our facilities have AC472 accreditation. We committed to ongoing improvements to our operations and providing quality and service to our customers.
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