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NBS - South Carolina       Phone: 803.568.2100

Swansea, South Carolina plant territory

P.O. Box 1006
200 Whetstone Rd.
Swansea, SC 29160
Fax: 803.568.2121

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NBG President

Jeff Carmean
Corporate Office: 704.366.7000

  NBS South Carolina Managers

  General Manager Sales Manager Engineering Manager
Contact J.J. McCoy Jay Kocon Ryan Crist
Phone 803-381-9331 803.381.9343 803.381.9302
  Sales Service Manager Production Manager Controller
Contact Lee Abbott Glenn Wilber Matt Currie
Phone 803.381.9366 803.381.9357 803.381.9333
  NuBert Team    
Phone 1.877.237.8831    
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