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How to Obtain a Warranty


Standard Warranties
These warranties will be mailed to you upon receipt of the Request for Warranties document, provided they are specified on the Nucor contract:
- 25 Year Wall & Roof Silicone-Polyester Paint Warranty (not available with VR16 II™)
- 35 Year PVDF Wall & Roof Paint
- 35 Year PVDF Insulated Metal Panel
- 25 Year Galvalume® Roof & Wall
- One Year Building Warranty

Optional Product Warranties include:
- 20 Year Nucor CFR™ Weathertightness Warranty
- 20 Year Nucor Composite CFR™ Weathertightness Warranty
- 20 Year Nucor VR16 II™ Roof Weathertightness Warranty
- 20 Year Nucor SR2™ Weathertightness Warranty

All optional warranties offered by Nucor must be specified on the Nucor contract. Upon completion of the project, the buyer is to return the completed Request for Warranties to Nucor with the appropriate check for the optional coverage. The warranty is then issued, provided all documents are included and all invoices are current.

The Request for Warranties is also a certification document, which accompanies all warranties wherein the buyer verifies that the product was indeed stored and installed properly. The assurance of warranties by Nucor is not an endorsement of field as-built conditions. The buyer acknowledges that all Nucor products must be stored and installed according to instructions.


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