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In the Event of a Claim


Should you observe that the product is not performing according to expectations, it is necessary for the buyer to investigate the site in order to collect the proper information before filing a claim.

A written claim is to be transmitted to the Quality Services Representative at the Nucor plant, along with a copy of the warranty and a description of the product defect.

You may be asked for photographs and panel samples. Panel samples are tested by Nucor to compare the field sample with the product sample kept on file at Nucor and at Nucor’s supplier. Field samples are usually 3” x 5” and taken from an out-of-the way area. The cost of sample testing at a mill will be covered by Nucor if the panel is found to be defective; however, should the panel be found to be affected by a cause beyond the control of Nucor, the owner/contractor shall be invoiced for testing.

This is the point where Nucor will normally dispatch a field representative.

After a visit by Nucor, please allow two to three weeks for testing before receiving our reply. During this time take no action unless prescribed in writing by Nucor, or unless emergency steps must be taken to prevent damage to building contents.

Keep a copy of your warranty in a safe place.


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