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Before You Purchase Your Metal Building


Warranties offered by Nucor are, for the most part, a pass through of the warranty issued by a Nucor supplier to Nucor. These warranties to Nucor contain the conditions by which the product must be manufactured, stored, and installed.

As a supplier of material, Nucor provides high quality products and services designed for a wide range of applications typically found in the building systems business. It is impossible for a supplier to know the application of each particular product for each owner’s particular purpose. It is important that the owner, his agent, architect, or consultant match the products offered by Nucor to the application that best meets the owner’s needs and expectations.

The product warranties offered by Nucor describe the expected results of the product under normal conditions. The warranties also specifically describe those cases that render the warranty invalid. Once a warranty is voided, for any reason, it cannot be reinstated. The fit of a product to a particular purpose must therefore lie with the project specifier.

Job site storage and installation now becomes critical. The warranty and product instructions are clearly written to emphasize this point. If the product is not handled correctly on the site, it does not guarantee that the product will fail. It does guarantee that the likelihood of product failure is great.

The most critical stage in a product’s life is the construction stage. Improper handling of materials on the site is a major cause of warranty claims. Unfortunately, for the owner or erector, the costs of replacement panels and labor in this case is not covered by the warranty when improperly stored at the site. The finishes found on Nucor panels and steel should give the owner years of low maintenance service provided they are properly applied and installed.

You will be sent a Request for Warranties statement soon after you send in your building order. It is your responsibility to complete and return this to Nucor within six months of project shipment.

Failure to return this document indicates the buyer has accepted the product “as-is where-is” and accepts all product responsibilities.

The issue of warranties by Nucor is predicated upon payment in full of all Nucor invoices for the project. Product warranties are not valid unless all invoices are paid and the Request for Warranties is returned within twelve months of the project shipment.


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