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Nucor CFR™ System - Clip and Insulation Options

Nucor CFR Clip

Insulation for Nucor CFR Systems

Nucor Building Systems recommends that insulation be used in all CFR roof applications to avoid problems with
condensation forming. Insulation also provides a buffer between the purlins and the CFR roof to reduce noise and
possible damage due to metal-to-metal contact. Insulation requirements are as follows:

Short Clips
2” to 4” of insulation compressing to ½” over roof purlins.
(EPS foam spacers available for limited use in un-insulated areas)

Tall Clips
4” to 6” of insulation compressing to 3/4 ” thickness under thermal block at roof purlin locations.
Thermal blocks are required when tall clips are used. 1 ½” thermal blocks with adhesive are
available for limited use in un-insulated roof areas.

Maximum of 8" of single layer batt insulation is allowed, which requires special attention to
maintain panel modularity and thermal performance.

Fixed or floating roof clips may be used as determined by the following:

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