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Standard Partitions for Your Metal Building System

Partitions in your metal building may be “transverse” (parallel with building main frames) or “longitudinal” (perpendicular to building main frames). Standard partitions shall be sheeted on one side only. Sheeting on both sides is optional and can be specified on the Nucor order documents.
Metal building with partitions Standard partitions in a Nucor metal building Standard partitions in a Nucor steel building
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 Non-Structural Parapets
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 Liner Panel
 Walk Door Canopies
 Draft Curtains
  Standard partition sheeting and flashing shall consist of 28 gauge, polar white, Classic Wall™ panels with color matching trim at walls and roof. Base trim is optional. Partitions may be used in conjunction with building wall and/or ceiling liner panel. These conditions may require additional field work and fit-up. The standard transverse partition location is 1’-4” away from the centerline of the frame.

If a different location is required, please specify this location on the order documents. Partition wall girt spacing may not match the exterior wall girt spacing. The maximum girt spacing at the partition walls is 10’-0” on center. If no framed openings or walkdoors are required in the partition wall, the maximum spacing will be used. If there are walkdoors in the partition wall, a girt will be placed at 7’-6” above finished floor. Please indicate on the order documents if walkdoors exist in the partition wall, even if not supplied by Nucor.

Product and Engineering Manual -  7.4 Standard Partitions
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