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Metal Building Eave and Rake Extensions

Eave/rake extensions on a Nucor steel building Eave/rake extensions on a Nucor steel building Eave/rake extensions on a Nucor metal building
Nucor Builder: T. Gene Edwards    
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The standard Nucor eave or rake extension is an extension of the roof purlin system, and therefore follows the profile of the main building roof line. Unlike the canopy beam, the structural components (beams and/or purlins) are completely enclosed within the soffit panel system.

Soffit material is used with eave/rake extensions as a standard to allow for a cleaner flashing condition. Soffit material shall run parallel with the roof line. Nucor’s standard soffit panel configuration shall be Nucor Classic Wall™ panel. Standard eave/rake extension projections are 2’-0” and 4’-0”.

Rake extensions cannot continue further than the sidewall steel line. Roof extensions beyond the sidewall steel line will be considered an eave extension. Similar to canopies, eave extensions must start and stop at frame lines. Finally, as with canopies, any deviations from these standard limitations may require non-standard framing methods to be priced for the project.

Nucor Product and Engineering Manual - 7.2 Eave / Rake Extensions
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