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Liner Panel for Nucor Metal Buildings

Nucor's Standard Liner Panel configuration is 28 gauge Nucor Classic Wall™ panel, painted white. Other general guidelines are listed below.
Liner panel in a Nucor metal building Liner panel in a Nucor steel building Liner panel in a Nucor steel  building
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General Guidelines for Liner Panel in Nucor Buildings

  • Jamb trim shall be supplied at columns and roof line
  • Base trim is optional
  • Cap trim is supplied on partial height liner as a standard
  • Quantities are typically calculated on a “per-bay” basis, so drop pieces
    are not required to start the next bay
  • Partial height liner panel as a standard is provided 8’-0” long
  • Full height liner panel will be required to be field-cut at the endwall
    locations along the slope of the roof
  • Liner panel can be ordered in lengths other than 8’-0” and full height.
    An additional girt run may be required for this condition
  • Roof liner panel is also offered as an option
  • Ceiling liner panel has no affect on purlin bracing requirements for
    either Classic Roof™ or CFR™ standing seam roof
  • Ceiling liner will be shipped in maximum 15’-0” lengths for ease of construction.
    Longer lengths are available if desired
  • Full ceiling liner is typically not allowed on projects with roof joists

Nucor Product and Engineering Manual:  7.5 Standard Liner Panel

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