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Inset/Outset Condition for Metal Buildings

The inset/outset system for steel and metal buildings is a combination of an inset girt condition with a bypass girt condition directly above. This, combined with a standard trim application, can be an inexpensive way to accomplish a shadow-line effect down the wall of the building. The standard horizontal projections of the inset/outset condition are 7” and 9” (utilizing 8” and 10” girts).

A Nucor Building Metal building with inset/outset condition Nucor Building Davis Steel Building Systems
A Nucor building with inset/outset condition Nucor Builder: Nevco Inc. Nucor Builder: Davis Steel Buildings, Inc.
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Inset/outset conditions can be ordered on either a sidewall or an endwall of the building, and must terminate at a column location. The bypass girt directly above the inset/outset condition is provided as a simple span girt (no lap) in lieu of continuous to allow for better trim alignment. Nucor's Head Trim is provided above the inset/outset condition.

The head trim provides a better appearance by covering up any fabrication or erection imperfections in the panels, such as out-of-squareness. The head trim will be provided in 10’-1” lengths with instructions to install the trim as simple-span with a 1/16” gap between the pieces to allow for adequate water drainage. As a standard, the head trim, cap trim, and inset/outset trim will be provided in the same color as the upper wall panel.

The building width and length should be specified to the inset condition. To avoid additional costs, locate the inset/outset condition above the height of the tallest framed opening along that particular wall (1’-6” minimum above the framed opening height is recommended).

Product and Engineering Manual: 7.7 Inset / Outset Condition
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