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Framed Openings in your Nucor Metal Building

Nucor Building by Greviskes Builders Nucor Building by DiMare Construction Steel building by NBS
A Nucor building by Greviskes Builders By Nucor Builder: DiMare Construction  
 Standard Fascia
 Standard Partitions
 Eave/Rake Extensions
 Inset/Ouset Conditions
 Non-Structural Parapets
 Walk Door Canopies
 Liner Panel
 Draft Curtains

Framed openings can be ordered in any desired size. The size requested should be the clear opening required for the door or window/louver. Please be sure to take into consideration any shimming of windows/louvers or doors that may be required when providing the opening sizes to Nucor.


All openings are field-located unless noted otherwise on the order documents. At times certain loading conditions require the use of hot-rolled structural channel. When this occurs, pre-drilling will be required for attachment of the panel and trim. The jambs for the framed openings will extend to the next standard girt elevation or eave strut above the height of the opening for door track attachment.


Jamb extensions will be provided if a vertical lift door is specified up to twice the door height or to the eave strut. Standard jamb design allows for the support of roll-up doors up to a total door weight of 2,000 pounds.

 Product and Engineering Manual:  11.2 Framed Openings

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