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BIM 3D Modeling Technology

Would you like the option of viewing your building as it will be when construction is complete? You can with Nucor's BIM 3D modeling. This game-changing metal building design technology allows NBS to provide a detailed, three-dimensional conceptual replica of your building, so you can view your project as it will be when constructed in the field.

The powerful value of 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables you to view all structural, HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems that make up your building - giving you the ability to address potential conflicts and make changes prior to fabrication.

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Metal Building Product Systems

Nucor Building Systems offers product systems that are designed to offer the ideal combination of functionality, economy, and long term value. All Nucor buildings are designed by in-house, registered, professional engineers to provide you with a custom building that will meet your needs and all local building codes. With a focus on service, price, quality, and a network of over 1,200 Authorized Builders serving all of North America, we are dedicated to providing a sophisticated metal building that is custom engineered, energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  

Framing Systems that Provide the Ultimate in Design Flexibility
Enjoy optimal performance and exceptional design flexibility with a full range of framing options available at NBS. Whether for new construction or renovation, each frame is custom designed to meet your specifications and local building codes. More >>

Industry-Proven Roof Panel Systems
Always the leader in technology and performance, Nucor Building Systems offers the finest roof systems in the market. With our many versatile systems, you can rest assured your Nucor roof will offer years of weathertight, worry-free performance. More >>


Appealing Wall Panel Systems
Multiple wall panel options at NBS offer an attractive way to finish your building. Designed for function and visual appeal, our wall panels are available in many standard colors, with special colors and gauges available upon request. Our Insulated Metal Panels embody attractive styling with cutting edge energy efficiency. More >>

Energy Savings with Prismatic Skylights
Harness the sun and enjoy significant energy savings and improved work performance with NBS Prismatic Skylights. With 100% light diffusion, our skylights spread bright, natural light throughout your space with no hot spots, glare, or UV damage to your property. More >>

Mezzanines with a Clear Advantage
NBS Ecospan Composite Floor Systems are an economical, innovative method of providing all steel and open web structural components for mezzanines. Easy to install, Ecospan mezzanines incorporate open web configuration with maximum joist spacing, providing more vertical space, allowing for design and installation flexibility of HVAC & electrical systems. More >>


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