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What is a Nucor Preferred Partner?

A Nucor Preferred Partner is a company who buys or sells over $500,000 per year of goods or services with Nucor Steel.

Nucor Building Systems offers many advantages to our Preferred Partners.  To participate in the Nucor Preferred Partner Program, a company must officially apply for and be accepted as a Nucor Preferred Partner.
Qualified purchases for the Nucor Preferred Partner Program, are those that meet the following criteria:
1. Nucor is given initial notification of the project through the Preferred Partner I Need a Building notification form or by contacting your Preferred Partner contact.
2. The Preferred Partner or his contractor buys the building. All building tons supplied under the NBG contract are subject to the year-end rebate.
3. The project is completely paid for within designated credit terms.
How Do I Become A Nucor Preferred Partner?

To begin the process, complete the Program Application. We will quickly respond to your request so you can start getting benefits.

Nucor Preferred Partners Program Advantages

Nucor Preferred Partners receive many advantages in consideration of the ongoing business relationship.
Here are a few of those advantages:
1. Up front design-build consultation with our engineers to design efficiencies into your projects. In this process, we will make every effort to incorporate any raw materials you produce or inventory into your structure.
2. A $20/ton rebate at the end of the year for qualified purchases from Nucor Buildings Group during that year.
3. Blocked-out tonnage at our plants based on your forecasted building needs.
4. Advance consultation with Nucor to help you team up with the best qualified Nucor Builders.
5. Regardless of changes in this unpredictable marketplace, your building quotes are protected for up to 20 weeks.
6. You will have a dedicated representative to personally see to your needs for all your building projects.
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