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June 2013

Nucor Building Systems Works with Local Students to Improve Job Marketability

Nucor Building Systems (NBS) has partnered with Terrell High School to support the Terrell High School Career and Technical Education Center. One of the programs targets skills in advanced welding. This program will produce highly trained graduates ready to enter the workforce. This new joint venture allows students to work with the same type of tools and equipment that NBS welders use to fabricate world class buildings every day.

“We want to show the talented students a great opportunity in their own backyards,” said Tom Batterbee, general manager of Nucor Building Systems. “At Nucor Building Systems, we understand that these students are the future of our industry, and by investing in them early, we’re equipping them with the skills to thrive once they enter the workforce.”

NBS employees Jason Davidson, Bill Cousins and Lee Flodder visited the advanced welding class to speak on NBS’s welding processes and metal building fabrication. This support will help translate school assignments to the real world challenges students will face upon entering the workplace. They also took the occasion to have the students weld and their work be professionally evaluated. NBS is also donating supplies and safety gear to the program.

Starting next year NBS will have a monthly presence with the class as they assist the welding teacher, William Wallace. With NBS’s help, the students will be able to use bigger machines that operate at higher temperatures than they would typically have access to in school.
“NBS believes this is a beneficial relationship for both the company and school district. If we are able to strengthen the students’ welding abilities, making them more valuable to employers, this will be a huge success,” said Lee Flodder, structural line supervisor of Nucor
Building Systems.

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