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Why Nucor? 
Nucor National Accounts Program for Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

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Why Nucor?

Nucor is the largest steel company in the United States with a deeply rooted culture of common sense management. Headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Nucor Building Systems began in 1987. As a result of continued success and focus on long-term growth, NBS has added three other manufacturing operations and a sales office. NBS now employs over 1,000 employees in four divisions.

With a background in heavy manufacturing and steel producing facilities, you can depend upon Nucor for a building system that meets your expectations. Nucor Building Systems utilizes support material produced by our own Nucor Steel Divisions.

Nucor makes a promise to be environmentally conscious to its over 23,600 employees and to the rural communities where plants are generally located. This dedication has contributed to Nucor’s success as the largest steel recycler in the nation. Each year a quantity of scrap steel in excess of 19 million tons is recycled. As the nation’s largest steel producer, with more than $21 billion annually in sales, Nucor can trace its origin to Ransom E. Olds, founder of Oldsmobile and REO Motor Cars. Nucor has been able to remain a growing profitable steel and steel products producer because Nucor’s work force is strongly committed to Nucor’s basic philosophy—to build steel manufacturing facilities economically and to operate them productively.

Nucor's Corporate Offices:
Nucor Corporation
1915 Rexford Road
Charlotte, North Carolina 28211
704/366-7000   fax:704/362-4208
web site:

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