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Why NBS for Your Metal Service Center?

Nucor Building Systems (NBS) is an integral part of Nucor Corporation, the largest steel maker in the United States. As part of Nucor, NBS is backed by a legendary corporation who has not posted a loss quarter in over 35 years. We’ll be around to support your current project and provide many more in the future. A benefit of being a metal service center is that you may offer products that we can incorporate in to the design of your building.

Cleveland Tubing - A Metal Service Center by NBS Olympic Steel - A Metal Service Center by NBS Nucor Metal Service Center - Ipsco Slitter
Nucor Builder: T. Gene Edwards Nucor Builder: Russell Construction Co., Inc.    Nucor Builder: Russell Construction Co., Inc.
  As a Nucor Metal Service Customer, you will...
Benefit from our uninterrupted supply of steel, thus protecting you from steel shortages.
Receive protected prices that are not subject to today’s price volatility.
Be buying from a company that understands the building needs of manufacturing. Nucor Corporation owns and operates over 15 million square feet of industrial buildings.
Be buying from a company that has supplied millions of square feet of buildings for the metal service center industry. Please look at our partial customer list.
Benefit from our FOCUS commitment by receiving steel that Fits, On-time, at Competitive pricing, with Unsurpassed service and Solutions that work.
Benefit from our pre-order design-build services. NBS will meet with you early in the project cycle and assist you in combining a building that functions to meet your needs while eliminating costs that take away from your bottom line.
  As a metal service center, you probably already have a business relationship with Nucor. Your good reputation can offer you benefits through our Nucor Preferred Partner Program. Please take a moment to review the features and benefits of this excellent program.
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