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Metal Service Centers and Nucor Building Systems

Fulton County Processing - A Metal Service Center by Nucor Building Systems Precision Strip - A Metal Service Center by Nucor Ipsco Slitter - A Metal Service Center by NBS
  Metal Service Center by Bascon, Inc. Nucor Builder: Russell Construction Co., Inc.
  At Nucor Building Systems, we are in a great position to help you achieve your Metal Service Center goals.

The recent changes in the demand for processed metal products has created demand for more processing capacity, more storage capacity and more finished product capacity for the top Metal Service Center companies in the industry. We know that this increased need could well mean that you have need for additional building space… fast, in order to capitalize on the opportunity.

Why Do We Want You as a Customer?
As an industrial user, your metal building needs match up perfectly with our plant and engineering system designs. You are our low cost customer.
As an ongoing metal service center operation, you speak the same language we do. This makes for great communications.
As a metal service center, you already know the legend of Nucor. We can concentrate on your needs, not a bunch of sales fluff.
As a metal service center, you probably already have a business relationship with Nucor. Your ongoing relationship reduces our risk and creates advantages for you.
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