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Automated Steel Trusses in No Time
Series 600 Truss System

The NUTRUSS 2.0 and 3.0 fabrication systems combine a Series 600 roll forming machine, decoiler, integrated software and extensive training into a simple to operate, easy to maintain, powerful system. These truss systems do not require jigs, measuring, cutting, layout or stock length inventory and give you the ability to produce high quality, cost-effective trusses – for both the residential and light commercial marketplace.


Completely Automated Truss Production

The Series 600 roll former is the machine component of our automated truss system. Input data transferred directly from the design software automatically provides all the intelligence the roll former needs to produce assembly-ready trusses. The computer-controlled, servo-driven machine precisely rolls out the truss profile through nine progressive stations.

Once the steel exits the roll cage and enters the tool head, the full power and value of the roll former is realized. Separate hydraulic functions (cut to length, web notch, bolt hole punch) work together to produce components completely ready for assembly with virtually no waste! Here, too, the system’s refined technology eliminates the need for any additional cutting, measuring or even layout!

Using some of the most advanced components available, the NUTRUSS 2.0 and 3.0 roll formers are packaged in an easy to-operate, simple-to-adjust, low-maintenance machine. Since it is built on a rugged frame, you have the freedom to operate the roll former in a high volume fabrication plant or on a job site.

The system would not be complete without a matching decoiler. Sized to work in step with the roll former, the decoiler is a mobile, easy-to-load device.

Unbeatable Benefits

  • Powerful Design/Engineering Software
  • Integrated Roll Former Production Software
  • Servo driven - unparalleled accuracy
  • Prime High Strength Steel Slit Coils
  • 22, 20, or 18 gauge capacity
  • Powered Automatic Decoiler
  • No cutting, measuring, or layout
  • Virtually no waste
  • Comprehensive Software & Machine Training
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Operation & Technical Manuals
  • Spare Parts Kit Included
  • Integrated ink jet printer available
  • Accessories
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Man vs Machine
Advantages and disavantages of manual verses automated CFS fabrication.
Plant Set-up Support
Learn how our AFS group can provide support with factory layout, outfitting, and setup.
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